Letterpress Thursday…

That’s not a catchy title, but i’m not feeling super poetic today, sorry ya’ll!
A little history to start ya off,

“Letterpress printing is a relief printing process, which initially utilized raised metal type and engravings to imprint words and designs on a page.

Letterpress originated in the 1400s and was the primary form of printing and communication for more than 500 years. For centuries it was the primary method of publishing books, but over time it has evolved into an art form more than a standard printing practice. Now, letterpress printing allows modern printers to create commercial works that have an appealing tactile quality in comparison to current offset and digital printing methods.”

Today, letterpress has begun to again be popular in wedding invites, business cards, and all sorts of other graphic design. Here are some awesome images (courtesy of Pinterest) to get you excited. 


Website Map Critique:

During class we were broken up into small groups to discuss our web maps (previous post) and figure out pros and cons of the layout. Each of us had similar but different ideas of what we would do with our assignment. 3 out of 4 of us are doing the portfolio/business idea, and we’re all thinking a similar design, which is good and slightly bad. We want to stand out, so each of us saying we want a media splash on the page means we will essentially have the same thing, with different images and colors. I need to brainstorm ways to create a different look while showcasing the images i want across my “top nav”. After discussing, it’s also probably a good idea to move my “blog” subpage to it’s own link in the top nav, or even a subpage of “about me”. I also need to think about linking to some of my social media. 

Beer infographic

This is a rough screen shot of my infographic i’m working on. I have a little more i’d like to work on, but our critique is today, so here it is!


I zoomed in on some of the sections to show some of the text detail. Again, this is a rough image, and personally i think it looks a heck of a lot better printed and on my screen. Kinda murky here.
















And one more zoom, just cause i really like type.















Some spacing issues, but i’m excited about it. and it’s true size is HUGE 32×40 or something odd.














inspirational space: bri emery’s apartment.

i love a good makeover, be it clothing, hair, face, style, or space. Here’s designer Bri Emery’s revamped apartment that is so adorable and fun i could just die. Or beg to move in. (call me girl!)


i love a space that says “someone lives here” not just, a bunch of little knick knacks that you bought from pottery barn that mean nothing to anyone. This space really screams, I actually function in this home and cuddle up on this couch. Check out the whole makeover story HERE!