i would never leave a hammock if i didn’t have to…

I’m not a big fan of summer. I dont really like being entirely too hot. I’m a fall/winter kind of girl. The clothes are better, i’m more comfortable, and all around much happier. One major thing that keeps me from moving to Alaska from June to September (minus it not being the least bit possible) would be my love for hammocks. I could “hammock” all day. Yes, I just used it as a verb, but thats just showing my appreciation.

Someday when I have my first big girl loft of my own, I will install this little brilliant piece of furniture. And no one will tell me otherwise.

 I cannot find a source for this fantastic installation, but if i could i would marry the man (or hug the woman) who made it. It seems pretty DIY, so maybe when i find a nice young man who loves hammocking as much as i do, he will help assemble it into our very own overpriced loft. Side note: I would not replace my bed with this. Can you imagine the weird lines on your body and face for hours after you woke up? Crazy.


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