Tara Donovan!

Last semester I took a sculpture class, and needless to say it was not my thing. I cannot think of concepts that way. I’m not a very good 3d object kind of creator. It was almost scary how much i could not grasp the idea of literally making something with my hands. I think of myself as crafty in that sense, not a sculptor. So the idea of creating a sculpture is amazing to me. I cannot wrap my mind around taking an idea, and literally making it. And i am in awe of those who can come up with original ideas that way. Tara Donovan is especially spectacular to me.


Ms. Donovan, 38, who recently won a $500,000 MacArthur Foundation “genius” award, has drawn attention over the last decade for her ability to transform huge quantities of prosaic manufactured materials — plastic-foam cups, pencils, tar paper — into sculptural installations that suggest the wonders of nature. 


Her sculptures are GORGEOUS. The way they capture light, the free forms they all have… absolutely mind blowing to me. This link talks more about her and her works.

“And when the show is over, she added, matter of factly, “it gets taken away with a shovel.” ”
that makes me cringe!


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