pumpkin time!

I love decorating for any holiday. Any. Holiday. Be it Christmas, Fourth of July, Halloween, The entire month of November for my birthday, (yes. i celebrate for a whole month), i just love to decorate, and buy a bunch of useless stuff that only gets put out once a year. I have acquired this little hoarding obsession from my mother, and i am proud to carry this obsessive gene and cannot wait to pass it on to my future daughter(s) when the time comes. Although my collection is not very large, because yes i am a broke college student and yes i can only afford to shop after the holiday is over and everything is 75% off (thank you Target for making this still a possibility for me) I do like to think about the things i would do, if only i had the money to do such crafty, fun, decorating sort of things. So here we go. Here’s what i’d do with halloween decorations if only i had the income. Hooray! Halloweenin’!

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