Mikey Burton- designy illustration

“People love getting a cool business card, but might love it more if they see the process of how it was made. For my card, my mind went to the idea of rubber stamps, however, there is not a convenient way to carry around a rubber stamp with an ink pad without making a big mess. I discussed this idea with my good friend Keith Berger, proprietor of Cranky Pressman. He told me about the Inspector Stamp, a small, metal, self-inking stamp that comes on a keychain. This seemed like such a cool outdated object, it was something I couldn’t pass up. For my business card, I sourced the largest stamp size I could find which was 3/4 inch.

While this size may seem like an incredibly small area to design in, I find it to be quite adequate. So often, we load tons of extraneous info onto our business cards, just because we have the space. Nowadays, such little info is needed on a card for someone to actually get ahold of you. A one-word twitter handle can be all that is needed.”


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