“By exploring the potential for relationships between contemporary furniture and technology, David Franklin created this contemporary piece that interacts with you as you work or eat. The camera is programmed and controlled wirelessly to take pictures at predetermined times or at specified intervals over a duration. The resulting pictures are sent back to a computer and can be programmed to upload automatically to the user’s desired social networking site. Tweet while you eat!”
Read more at Design Milk: http://design-milk.com/page/12/#ixzz1deeTX0QC




I guess I really just dislike this so much that i thought it necessary to post. The design of the table is nice. I guess i like the idea of the camera atop of your working space if you’re using it as a drafting table, taking pictures of the “work in progess”, but the idea of eating and “tweeting”? kind of obsessive to me. Obviously the picture shows a young, hip individual working on something with, of course, a cup of joe. But i like the midwestern idea of dinner time, with no interactions and your medium sized american family sitting around, eating, chatting, laughing, and eventually fighting to the point of tears and someone is sent to their room for not eating all their damn broccoli. Not tweeting, taking pictures, texting, and doing other social networking things. Boo to this.




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