Okay, so i like to consider myself a fashionable lady. I enjoy clothing, a lot. Some may say i have a little bit of a shopping problem, and i’m alright with this. So when i see some little accessory that i think is pretty cool, i get excited about it. 🙂 here we go!

A little quote from the designer herself: “The idea for the Metro Cuffs began as a simple question; how can I get around the city without looking like a tourist, even if I am one? I designed them around the notion that you can wear a map, look fashionable, and still know where you’re going.”

Pratt alumni Tiffany Burnette is the designer and entrepreneur behind Brooklyn-based Designhype. She created her sleek and modern NYC subway cuffs collectionas an attractive accessory that helps you find your way. The line became so popular that it has expanded to include other cities.

“You might claim to know New York’s subway system like the back of your hand, but what about that time you hopped on an express train and ended up on 96th St. when you were running late to a show at Lincoln Center? It’s happened to us all. Stop boasting and feel confident you’ll get to where you’re going without squinting at the train’s subway map through another person’s armpit. Designhype’s NYC Metro cuff helps locals and tourists alike navigate the subway system inconspicuously and in style. Also makes a perfect gift for any pal braving to move to the big bad city!”

I don’t know, i mean, i dont think a good design necessarily needs a gimmick. How about it’s just cool? No? That doesn’t work? okay, then make a cheesy selling point. Either way, i dig it. 🙂


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