birds barber shop

“Salon quality comes at an affordable price at Birds Barbershop. A reinterpretation of the old school barbershop for a new generation that would pay for quality if it only cost less, Birds also makes getting a cut (or color service) enjoyable again with big mural art unique to each shop, free wi-fi, classic arcade games, a music nerd’s ultimate mixtape soundtrack and a free Shiner Beer with every cut. Guys pay $19 for a typical shortcut; women get away with paying $39 for a Ladybird, which includes shampoo, haircut and blowstyle. Verb, the unisex, salon-grade product line developed by Birds that sells for $11 was made for that same customer.”

I stumbled across this barber shops website by mistake, thinking it was someones blog. however, i’m not even mad about what i’ve discovered. they aren’t anywhere near me or anywhere i frequent (texas) so i mean that idea is out, but their website is pretty cool! I’ve seen websites of “hairstylists” and they’re just plain awful. But this, this is pretty dang cool. 🙂



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