do what you love & do it often

I found this on a website called the by and by  and i fell in love with the whole concept. The blogger does a nice job at summing it all up as well, so i won’t attempt to recreate their words….

“I stumbled across this video by Holstee the other day and had to share. Sure it’s beautifully shot and edited, but more importantly, the message {their manifesto} is totally inspiring. As I’ve been contemplating my own happiness quite a bit lately, it especially struck a cord. So many of their ideas are ones I’ve often thought {after all,“do what you love, and do it often” is really no different than our own blog tagline,“live what you love”} but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded. In fact, as I doubt I could say it better myself, I’m considering buying one of their manifesto prints to help stay inspired with my happiness project – and beyond.”

“Life is short. Live your dream and share your passion.” – The Holstee Manifesto



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