Danielle Marie Aldrich-

Okay, so i stumbled across this lovely designer. I love her asthetics, colors, and type. And not to mention anyone who uses their full name when “branding” themselves automatically wins my heart. I someday will revert to the name my parents gave me, Victoria Rose Pflibsen, or maybe just initials, VRP, or perhaps just VRPflibsen like i use for twitter, okay who knows what i’ll do, but till then lets check out this little lady. Here are a few of my favorites from her personal page. Look for more HERE, it’s an interactive web page people! Whats not to love?!


First Favorite: Stuck, a concept for a candy shop, but everything is served “on a stick”. Corndogs, cotton candy, suckers, you name it. Adorable. And fun! 




So Now you’ve got a little taste. What honestly hooked me was her sketchbook because her shapes remind me of what i always end up doodling, which gives me hope! hahaha! These are just gorgeous, much more eloquent than mine, and done it something nicer than a half dried up Sharpie 🙂 



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