I wouldn’t say i’m a photographer by any means, however i have taken my fare share of photos behind a fancy shmancy camera, and edited them wisely, and taken a few photo classes as well (digital and film, thank you very much.) So that being said, i’d like to pretend i know a thing or two about a thing or two. Either way, i am a nervous “photographer”, sometimes im embarassed about pulling out a big ole camera, and being a cool and artsy, if you will. However, one of my dreams is to just photograph abandoned buildings, warehouses, barns, homes, what have you. Anywhere that has been weathered and torn. I love that. I love the grunge. Its not like me at all, but i love it. So i found this set of images, and instantly fell in love. 

“Combining their backgrounds in sculpture and photography, Alex Dijulio and Alex Larsen create a bridge between the two disciplines. Through the medium of photography, the artists tie the site of the gallery to the specific and undisclosed locations in which the sculptural installations are created. They say: ‘Their works, although decidedly guerrilla, differ from many forms of street art and public installation in the sense that they will never be seen in person by the viewer. Comprised entirely of materials found on site, the sculptures transform their components in a way that removes them from their intended functions and allows them to act as pure aesthetic devices’.”












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