Anthropologie post

I wouldn’t say i’m the most fashionable person out there. There have been plenty of days, and plenty more to come where I’ve done nothing but hair in a messy bun, leggings, boots, a scarf and a sweater and considered it a finished product. But other days, of course, where i really work at it. I probably spend way too much money on cheap clothes i’ll wear one time, or none at all. However when i splurge, and i don’t do it much, but when i do, i love to spend all my hard earned money and most of the paycheck for next months rent, at Anthropologie. They just get me, okay.

Before even walking into this glorious place, you notice their window display, and it always makes me so incredibly happy. I dont know what the major is behind window display design, but i want to do that, and work for them, and be happy and clothed in Anthro designs and such. The current Theme is a feather like one, so obviously this isn’t whats in the display now, but it gives you a feel.

Lets start with the smell. The first thing i notice when walking into a place is the smell. My mom ALWAYS has a candle burning at home, or an oil defusing, something with smell. And i love theirs. It’s a mixture of about 5 different candles, and i need them to make a candle with all the different smells combined. Please.




Next on my top favorite things to spend money i dont have on, are dishes, coffee mugs, canisters, tea cups, linens, pillows, other beautiful household items way above my price range, etc. How could i pass any of these up?!


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