Environmental Lettering

Todays project is Environmental Lettering, which is taking a word (mine being RARE) and placing it into the environment, to place more impact on the idea of the word, or its context.

To begin this project I was extremely excited. I loved the idea of placing this unknown word into the world for people to be affected by. After i was assigned my word, i was thinking of all the things “Rare” could mean. Jewelry, Disease, Rare qualities in people, meat, etc. All kinds of stuff came to mind. I had literally 5 pages of sketches and Free association word lists. It was insane the different ways this word made my head go. After realizing i only had a week to complete this assignment, i was a little less excited. I wish we would have had more time, more critiques to get ideas out and down. I felt super constritcted with the lack of time, and that usually never happens because i pretty much always procrastinate.

My final idea, after a small in class group discussion was to go with the Rare Meat idea. I thought of burgers, steaks, etc, and after many cut open slabs of meat, and awkward photos of my co-workers burgers and me putting cut up letters into their food, i came up with the idea of ground beef, cooking, simmering, and just sitting. It wasn’t quite red and bloody enough for me so i added some ketchup to the water and grease and it amped up my color and texture. (i sound disgusting right now.) So here’s my final pieces! I’m pretty excited with them and think that i’ll continue the assignment on my own as a “Passion Project”. Here’s some of my favorites from the shoot.


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