“jazzyberry Blue”

Thank you for visiting my website. I am a self taught painter and graphic artist currently based in New York.I create because I would otherwise be completely unsatisfied, restless and incomplete, it helps me stay on track, reminds to constantly evolve.I spent most of my adult years studying eastern shamanism in the Indian Himalayas and living as a street artist in Palestine, the transition back to western uncivilization has been very difficult. My life is a constant struggle with tonic clonic seizures, after several attacks I have no mind or memory, just an untarnished view of this ancient and unfamiliar world.  At first glance we all have that momentary ability to see without judgement and that moment I attempt to extend onto my canvas; the bare bones of the situation, where no one gets confused or misled. no hidden messages for intellectuals or seekers of the light. Before it is beautiful, ugly, scary or crazy it is perfectly complete.”




One thought on ““jazzyberry Blue”

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