current project: type and image




the original assignement. to find an image, find a letter form, and a type face that describes or embodies the image. I chose a b to symbolize the wheels of the bike, and then cut the b up to emphasize the different parts of the bike.


the second portion of the assignment was to find a quote to go a long with the image. create a sort of magazine layout. my original idea of motorcycles was the sex appeal behind it, as opposed to the dirty, muddy aspect. i pulled in the red from different parts of the bike, and the dark colors from the tires.






again, another idea, just with rearranged type…

i liked the idea of the rigged type, with the curvy aspect of the b. I also started played with the size of my quote, and i realized i like the one line larger than the other.
this image has a clipping mask over the bike, i’m not sure if im crazy about it or not, but i thought i’d put it up to compare.
this is i think one of my favorites. i like that its dark and different from the others.
 and these last two are the same, one has a clipping mask, one obviously does not. I took the b, copied it and made it smaller, kind of like a logo, in a sense. I like the repetition of the shapes, and the target like focal point. i feel like there might be too much going on, but i think the bottom of the two has a better feel without the clipping mask over the image.
Obviously i still have some work to do, fully identify my quote, history of the image in there a little more, etc, but i think its coming along nicely. I really feel strongly about this project, and i like the direction i’m going. I could create a million more of these and never get bored, which i think is a good sign.

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