So here i am! after 4 weeks of this project i feel pretty good about them. After the last small critique we discussed that the “blank side” felt kind of empty, so to add a little be of contrast but keep it balanced i found images to make a texture on the right side…..Image

This is my personal favorite of the two. I added the leather background, and some more cut outs of the b to create movement. We talked about how it felt kind of static, and how to add motion. I love my solution with the b being cut up, so i knew i wanted to keep that aspect, but it was too “stand still”, and combined with the quote it needed to pack a bigger punch. I like the final solution and think it works well. 



My second design is again the play on the woman bike rider. Its pink but i dont think it comes across as super “girly”. i added a different leather background, with a fleshy color behind it. I also changed the outline of the b to create a “lip liner” appeal, which i absolutely love. 


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