best site i’ve stumbled upon to date…

So, i’m not sure if everyone in the world has known about this fantastic secret, and have just left me out in the dark to cry, imagine, and pray for such an amazing website to come along…but i found it. jokes over, guys. To skip the elongated, somewhat witty, sarcastic banter, i found  . Obviously i’m not the first, as a million other fashion freaks have also found this brilliant place, but i felt like i found gold.

This heaven of a website allows you to literally take anything you could possibly “google” and create a template or “inspiration board” if you will, of images, colors, schemes, themes, items, clothing, people, words…needless to say its something i could not have dreamed up. It’s a pretty smooth system and i’m still trying to get used to it, but have no fear, it will help me procrastinate and not help me finish my homework. go figure.

Here are some cool designs i really like, and if you’re leaving the rock you’ve been living under like me, now you’ll kinda know what my description is talkin’ about! 🙂 Happy days.


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