Mood Board: Project One


Hooray! Alrighty, so my first assignment as a big bad Graphic Design 2 student, (that means there is a light at the end of the tunnel people, someday i might graduate) is to create 3 mood boards of three different artists/designers/illustrators/art people and figure out what it is we love about them. why we love them. I chose “Free People”, the clothing store, Marian Bantjes, a woman graphic designer, typographer, writer and illustrator, and Maurice Sendak, author and illustrator of many famous childhood books (where the wild things are, outside over there, etc). I loved all three of these styles of designs, for their simple elements, such as attention to teeny tiny detail, and texture, etc. The colors also got me. Maurice Sendaks colors are a little more muted, but there still is quite a punch to them. The playful lines all three artists use captures my attention, as i’m not really a “clean line” kind of person. haha go figure, right? So here are the three boards with one more to come as the final, what all three have in common, board. Of course this assignment is a warm up to stuff were actually going to be doing, but i enjoyed this. I took some time and didn’t just throw stuff on their, really organized my stuff, so i feel pretty good. Hope you enjoy!


















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