Combination Mood Board




The next step in the Mood Board assignment, was to take all three designers and combine them into one mood board, showing their similarities. I switched up one of Marian Bentjes pieces with one that made a little more sense. Adding the horizontal page layout threw me off a little from before, but it was a requirement. I like my final piece although it does seem sort of emptier than the others. 

After doing this assignment, we were supposed to come up with reasons for being drawn to these three artists. I realized after digging through their things, that these designers embody what i try to put into each of my designs. They each have a playfulness to them. It isn’t such a serious topic and i enjoy that about their work. I think sometimes art can get a little stuffy, but I like that these three designers keep it fun and exciting. They also switch up their designs and keep it from staying the same, all the while keeping their design aesthetic. They go from a more elegant design to a fun, playful, carefree one, without loosing who they are and their style. Which is something i’ve really been working on this semester as a student. They also have an organic feel about each piece. Organic in the sense that their design doesn’t ever take on a stiff feeling. Its a piece that shows movement and rhythem and expression. The bright colors never hurt to draw my attention either. 


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