AIGA portfolio review Experience………….

We as a class signed up for the GD portfolio review… excuse my bitterness as i type this, but i’m still slightly irritated about the situation. For two weeks i put together my portfolio, correcting assignments as we discussed in class, spending money on printing, matting, reprinting, rematting, etc etc etc. 89$ and some anger later, everything is looking nice. Probably the most time and especially the most money ive spent on my own work, to present to a group of “professionals” (and i use the term lightly) to LOOK at my portfolio. Not even apply for a job. Not get an internship. Just to LOOK at my stuff, and tell me what i’m doing wrong and seldom right….  25 minutes with 4 reviewers from 9am to roughly 11am. And experience…go…


Interview One:

This woman was so nice. Put me at so much easy. Genuine, kind and helpful. Loved my stuff, something i wasn’t expecting. She talked about my color schemes, my personality, my type strength, and all other great things that caused my ego to expand the size of the room. I talked to her about my personal family business back home and she said i would be incredibly successful in a big corporation with a small business mindset. Which was nice to hear. Her closing words…”you should be incredibly proud of your portfolio. it’s beautiful and you are incredibly talented. Good luck to you in the future and here is my card.” I felt like passing out. Cloud 9. 


Interview Two:

This “gentleman” comes over, tosses his card at me…okay, thank you? Sits down, and says “go.”. So here i am, second interview on it’s way, ready to die. I am not an angry person. I am kind, fun, and i like to joke. This man is all business…and by all business i mean he is a jerk and is trying to intimidate me. I dont back down. I start with my favorite piece, he is just staring directly into my face, not even looking at what i’m talking about. Another “gentleman” sits down, says “Dont mind me, keep talking” okay, great, now i have two jerks to try to talk to. Jerk 2 starts shuffling through my stuff, ignoring the fact that im talking, rudly making noises, pointing to things, showing Jerk 1 things on my projects. Hey, Nevermind me, just talking.

Jerk Two: “So uh, VIKTOOOOR-EE-UHH (he says my name like it’s a sick disease he could contract at any minute) what IS your major exactly, and uhh what GRADE are you in?”

Me: “I’m a graphic design major, and im a junior at Cardinal Stritch.” (ive already told jerk 1 this information, had you been here when i started…)

Jerk Two: “Well after this, why dont you go over to her (points at girl across room) and look at what you should have as a SENIOR. She is READY.”

About now is when i start to black out. Really? Go across the room? Sure. Excuse me, i’ll leave this toxic conversation before i punch you. i didnt say that, but i was angry. That’s for sure. Jerk two leans back and starts talking to Jerk one about how hungover he is. I am not joking. Really? Okay. perfect. So at this point i lean all the way back in my chair and begin meditating and trying to refrain from crying. Jerk one eventually realizes i am not impressed by their “hungover bro talks” and snaps back to talk to me as he sees im scanning the room for ANYTHING but these two. Tells me my work will “get there.” okay. thank you.


Interview Three: 

I’m ready to vomit. Two more men sit down. They shake my hand. And are very warm and compassionate. They can clearly see the panic on my face and it might have been possible for them to hear my doubt throughout my head. He asks which piece best describes me, i show him, he says he LOVES this piece and he would showcase it. To not ever sell myself as a student, but as a “designer” in general. We talk about all my other pieces, he says my portfolio is strong and to build up more real world work, or to revamp my class work as real world stuff. Great advice. The other guy tells me my stuff is very strong and i have a key eye for color and layout. That i should really consider selling myself as more in the advertisement world. Cool. I’m back to level ground. Less depressed.


Interview Four:

This great guy sits down, has me explain all my stuff, and tells me things i could work on and play up. Tells me i have an amazing color sense and to really work that. Not all designers can figure out colors that sell, and “i have a knack for it”. We then talked about what i want to do, where i want to go, and what i do now. He basically repeated the last interview, same advice, and same comments and compliments. 


Overall: i couldn’t get the negative interview out of my head. It really wrecked my good feedback. It wasn’t the fact that they weren’t crazy about my stuff, it was the unprofessionalism that occurred while i was presenting. Interrupting me, ignoring me, and then blatenly discussing drunken evenings the night before. You can rip my work apart all you want. But do not treat me like i’m an idiot. 



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