Letterpress Thursday…

That’s not a catchy title, but i’m not feeling super poetic today, sorry ya’ll!
A little history to start ya off,

“Letterpress printing is a relief printing process, which initially utilized raised metal type and engravings to imprint words and designs on a page.

Letterpress originated in the 1400s and was the primary form of printing and communication for more than 500 years. For centuries it was the primary method of publishing books, but over time it has evolved into an art form more than a standard printing practice. Now, letterpress printing allows modern printers to create commercial works that have an appealing tactile quality in comparison to current offset and digital printing methods.”

Today, letterpress has begun to again be popular in wedding invites, business cards, and all sorts of other graphic design. Here are some awesome images (courtesy of Pinterest) to get you excited. 



Baby Shower Invites:

I just created my first REAL WORLD baby invites. They will be printed. They will be used. People besides my class will see them. I am ready to throw up. Actually i’m kidding, i’m really excited. I think they’re pretty cool. I’m not a huge pastel color person, so getting over that was rough, but i moved passed it and think they’re pretty funky and fun.Image

The card will be a post card style, but put in an envelope. I like the kind of invites you can just stick to your fridge, less way to lose the stand up ones. How handy. ha!


The card has a ton of info on it. from the address to the RSVP numbers (please don’t call them. one is my mothers and she will be angry.) So i wanted to put a little bit of info on the back for some spacing. I added the ” VRProduct” for fun. I dont really have a logo, but that works! Gotta give myself some credit on these puppies. 






This will be the “thank you” portion of the thank you notes to go out post shower. Same idea, postcard style. 



Imageand the front of the thank you postcard. 


I’m pretty pleased with them. I hope i get some good feedback and maybe another gig or something. Who knows, but exciting nonetheless. 🙂