Letterpress Thursday…

That’s not a catchy title, but i’m not feeling super poetic today, sorry ya’ll!
A little history to start ya off,

“Letterpress printing is a relief printing process, which initially utilized raised metal type and engravings to imprint words and designs on a page.

Letterpress originated in the 1400s and was the primary form of printing and communication for more than 500 years. For centuries it was the primary method of publishing books, but over time it has evolved¬†into an art form more than a standard printing practice. Now, letterpress printing allows modern printers to create commercial works that have an appealing tactile quality in comparison to current offset and digital printing methods.”

Today, letterpress has begun to again be popular in wedding invites, business cards, and all sorts of other graphic design. Here are some awesome images (courtesy of Pinterest) to get you excited.